Five Proven Color Combinations For Apartment Renovations

We are in the business of renting apartments, and when you rent out an apartment, you might as well get as much rent as you can, right? We often see investors struggling with paint colors to choose from. I never let my contractor pick my colors; you’ll get something that is dated. So here are some proven paint color combos. Remember, all the paint colors cost the same amount, so you might as well get nice ones! 



  • Warm White 
  • Duck white on walls, trim, and cabinets 
  • Want pop-on cabinets: pair with succulent 
  • Sherwin-Williams: Greek Villa (7551)


  • Warmish White 
  • Greek Villa with Pure White on trim and cabinets (or can do Greek Villa on cabs) 
  • Pop on cabs: pair with salty dog 
  • Sherwin-Williams: Alabaster (7008)


  • Clean White 
  • Snowbound on walls 
  • Pure White on cabinets 
  • Sherwin-Williams: Pure Right (7005)


  • So white 
  • Pure White on walls 
  • Extra White on trim and cabs 
  • Sherwin-Williams: High Reflective White (7757)


  • Greige 
  • Agreeable gray on walls 
  • Pure White on trim and cabinets can do a color pop on cabinets of Argos or Naval
  • Sherwin-Williams: Perfect Greige (6073)
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