MOBucks Lending Program

Stated Purpose:

To provide low-interest-rate loans to help positively impact neighborhoods by improving existing multi-family housing units or developing affordable housing in areas where it is needed.


An eligible residential property owner is a person, firm or corporation that purchases and develops or rehabilitates a multi-family residential structure.

Projects with two or more units per structure will qualify as multi-family residential structures. Deposit funds may be used in connection with loans for the purchase and rehabilitation, construction, renovation and land development of multi-family residential structures.

Owner does not currently owe any unpaid, non-protested taxes to the State of Missouri or any political subdivision.



Missouri side properties only

  • Cannot be used for refinance
  • Rents cannot exceed Kansas City MSA Fair Market Rents (FMR) published by HUD, this will go up with the FMR and be certified yearly by the lender.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with Missouri Housing and Development (MHDC) Funding
  • Investors from any location qualify as long as they will hold title with MO LLC
  • Loan terms will be same as what bank would offer without the MOBucks program, usually 3-5 years fixed, 20-25 year amortization, same personal guarantees
  • Interest rates should be at 5.3-5.5% on new loans
  • Loans are originated with local banks approved for the program. The state gives the bank a certificate of deposit (CD) at a very low rate ~1.3% and then the bank uses that to back the MOBucks loan.
  • Write deals with 55+ day close when using MOBucks
  • Lenders are certified for MOBucks, there are 13 lenders approved in the Kansas City area and Lutz Sales + Investments has 4 local banks we are working with to originate these loans for our investors.

2024 Kansas City MSA Fair Market Rent (FMR) by bedrooms

Studio $985
1 bed $1,098
2 bed $1,258
3 bed $1,645
4 bed $1,931

Kansas City
8666 W 96th Street, Overland Park Kansas 66212

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